Compliance at schleich®

Compliance at schleich®

At schleich®1 we help every child enjoy the fun of creative storytelling. Each of our products is made to the highest standards of quality, authenticity, and accuracy to detail, so as to unlock the limitless potential of kids’ imaginations.

In a constantly changing world, we have a unique responsibility to both ensure the wellbeing of our employees and to protect our children and the world they grow up in. Our success as a company is built on our integrity and sense of responsibility. These values are the basis for how we treat each other, our customers, our business partners, and the general public.

We strive to not only act in accordance with the law but also to meet our responsibilities to society, at both a local and global level. We want to work together to achieve our goals as a business and help our children develop their individual personalities and the ability to think for themselves.

Compliance is more than just a word. For me, it’s an ethical promise that allows consumers, customers, suppliers, society, and other stakeholders to place their trust in schleich® as a brand, as an employer, and as a source of inspiration for limitless play and creativity.



schleich® Global Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

These guiding principles are enshrined in our Global Code of Conduct and form an integral part of our compliance management system.

The schleich® Global Code of Conduct commits all our employees to respect the law and our internal guidelines, and underpins the fair, legally compliant way we treat our employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, and other third parties.

By following our Global Code of Conduct and putting its recommendations into practice, every schleich® employee helps to set a good example.

You can download the current version of our Global Code of Conduct here.

schleich® Integrity Line

Our global whistleblowing hotline

In order to prevent or identify misconduct, schleich® has a secure whistleblowing hotline. The schleich® Integrity Line is a key element of our global compliance management system and a vital tool for good corporate management. The Integrity Line allows our employees, our customers, our suppliers and their employees, and any other third parties to report suspected breaches of the law or our internal compliance guidelines. You can also ask general questions about compliance matters in English, German, or Chinese.

Any specific suspicions of misconduct will be confidentially investigated by our compliance officer. You will remain anonymous unless you choose to reveal your identity.

You can find the schleich® Integrity Line here.

1schleich® comprises Schleich GmbH and all other schleich® companies and subsidiaries.
2For reasons of easier readability, we may only use one gender form. However, any other gender form is expressly meant hereby