Welcome to FARM WORLD!

In FARM WORLD, you’ll find waddling ducks, naughty pigs, fluffy poodles, and furry llamas.


Somewhere in the country, in the midst of green meadows and blooming cornfields, lies the schleich® farm. There is plenty of space to hide and play in the sheds, enclosures and stables, and every day offers a new adventure. Whether animals or people – in the world of FARM WORLD everyone sticks together: in rain, wind, sun, and even in the mud!

Who lives on the farm?

Farmer Paul loves his farm. He is always in a good mood, because he loves working outdoors. His favorite thing to do is driving his tractor and plowing the fields.

He builds fences and enclosures, and when an animal has a baby, Paul helps to bring it into the world. He is the tinkerer on the farm and has an answer to (almost) every question.

Farmer Laura, along with her children, mainly takes care of the animals. If a cow needs a massage or if the chickens and pigs need fresh feed, Laura is there - even when the barn has to be mucked out. She also likes gardening and tending to her vegetables. She loves to cook and constantly surprises her family with new recipe ideas.

Sarah goes to first grade. She is very fond of animals and begged her parents to give her Pinky, the little piglet, as a gift.

Sarah is inquisitive and adventurous and loves to explore the world with her brother. The only thing she doesn't like is always coming second when racing with her brother. Sarah wears her heart on her sleeve and always tells the truth.

Ben is in the third grade. As soon as he comes home from school and has finished his homework, he helps his parents with the work on the farm. However, he prefers to play with his little sister Sarah.

They get into all kinds of mischief together around the farm, where they like to build dams and go exploring. Ben's other best friend on the farm is his dog Milo.

Another busy day on the farm!

Endless FARM WORLD fun