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Experience the adventures of four best friends and their very special horses.

The Story

It all began the day before Hannah’s 12th birthday. Hannah was in the barn with her friends Sofia, Lisa and Sarah. While practicing lassoing, the girls discovered a mysterious chest with the letters "H" and "C" on the lid. Hannah opened the chest – and the friends were absolutely astonished. Inside the chest were photos of horses and a mysterious map. They thought they already knew every last inch of Lakeside. What could be the meaning of the red X on the map between Lakeside Riding Stable and Peppertree Woods? The friends saddled their horses and galloped off – determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.


XXL Horse Transporter (42619)


Together with the HORSE CLUB you will have exciting adventures on your tablet and smartphone. Complete tasks and missions, take care of your horses and ride out together with the girls! There is so much to discover in Lakeside – let’s get started!

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Lakeside Country House and Stable

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